• Bowling ball vs hydraulic press – 100ton
  • Bowling ball and Pin vs hydraulic press

Bowling ball vs hydraulic press – 100ton

I am sure everyone wonders what is inside a bowling ball. Can we break it with a hydraulic press ? Also what is inside a pin ?

Bowling balls might look similar, however there are a few different types for the purpose you look for. Some of them are for beginners; quite inexpensive, while some are for high performance. The outside of the ball is commonly referred to as the its “coverstock.”

  1. Plastic/Polyester balls are the cheapest and are for beginner bowlers.
  2. Urethane balls are a good choice for intermediate bowlers.
  3. Resin/Reactive balls help you to hook more.

Let’s break some and see how bowling balls seem under a hydraulic press.